Saturday, June 27, 2009

Till we meet again

My grandmother was a simple woman and she lived just as simply. When I was young, I stayed with her and she gave me the happiest days of my life. When I grew older and no longer lived with her, we started a goodbye routine which took place every single time I left her house. We would wave till we were out of each other's sight. This routine continued throughout the years, even when I became an adult. Even when grandma became weak, she would still make an effort to get to the gate with assistance to wave me. Then one day, she simply could not find the strength to do so and thigns happened so quickly thereafter.

From yesterday on, we no longer have to wave each other or say goodbye at all. She'll always see me from where she is, up above.

Till we meet again, grandma.

All my love,


[image from SusannahT]

p/s Please excuse me for a couple of days. I'll be back with posting sometime next week.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Guilty as Charged - Kate Spade

I did something I shouldn’t do yesterday. Something that could have resulted in serious consequences.

I ventured dangerously close to a Kate Spade boutique. In my own defense, I have tried with all my might to fight it. But, the colourful as candy bags and accessories sitting daintily in the display window were beckoning. They are all of summer and girly-ness!

My sole lifeline was that it was near closing hours. Hence to curb my urge, I dutifully went home and trawled the Kate Spade website. I hereby bring you my favourites:

Needless to say, I have to update “I am Hearting”. Boy, it was real tough picking just one though.

[images from Kate Spade]

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Au Naturel

The weather’s cool right now and it’s a welcomed respite from the heat. Enjoying the breeze and feeling calm, I’m loving natural wood furniture and accessories this morning.

[images from top:
Design Public, Planika Fires, Drummond, present time, Design Public, all via design milk, furni via share some candy]

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Japanese folk tales

When I was leaving Japan, I tried to pack as much as I could. I guess I was hoping that in doing so, I would be packing the memories along with me too. Every little thing that had an anecdote attached to it, I wanted to take along. But I soon realized that it was unrealistic and unnecessary to do so (aside from the obvious fact that I’ve already paid too much for shipping and there is a limit to my luggage weight). Unlike the objects I was taking with me, memories cannot be tied up into neat little packages. They can still slip away and fade with time. There is only so much physical objects can do to help jolt recollection. Hence, what’s important is that I’ve had the privilege of all these wonderful experience and encounters with beautiful people. These, I will always own, even when I don’t recall them anymore. Because they’ve become a part of me, they’ve contributed to the person I am.

That said, I did manage to pack into my bags a tiny collection of children’s books on Japanese folk tales! I just had to have them. They not only feed my love for children’s books but also narrate a piece of the Japanese culture. It’s like killing two birds with one stone! Hence, it necessitates my transporting them home. That was very convincing self-rationale.

Here are a few photos on them and a peek into the inside pages of one of them— ももたろう (Momotaro)

[click on images to enlarge]

There are 30 books in this collection. I must work towards completing my collection the next time I visit Japan!

[images: Cookie Cutter]

Monday, June 22, 2009

Long Weekend!

It’s Monday morning. You’re back at your work desk and a long week lies ahead of you. Thank goodness for the cuppa in your hand. You’re pinning on all your hopes on it, that it’ll perk you up and wash away all the Monday blues.

Wish the weekend was longer? Come, let me make that happen for you. I’ll transport you away for a while. Afterall, it’s summer.

[images from top, clockwise from left:
2 Durrace, Dia, trueol
4 Susannah T, Dia, sabino

Friday, June 19, 2009

[Wedding Series 7] - Style me from Head to Toe

So you’ve found the perfect wedding gown. What’s there left to consider right now in the looks department? Well, a bride has to look resplendent from HEAD to toe.

Head pieces, anyone? I for one haven’t been able to resist! My eyes have been feasting wantonly on images of gorgeous head pieces. I’ve always just imagined a veil would suffice but having tasted the fruit from the tree of covetousness, my eyes are now opened to all the accessories and blings available out there for brides-to-be. Don’t blame me. I was lured so I ate the fruit.

Since the fruit has been consumed and nothing can be done now, let’s just move on, shall we? What do you think of these vintage-looking birdcage veils? To me, they exude so much sophistication and old-world charm.

I am really drawn to these dramatic pieces too! There’s no better time to make a statement then on my big day, right?

This would be perfect if I am going for the fresh, girly vibe. It totally rivals Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf (yes, I can’t grow up and shamelessly watches this)!

Or maybe I shouldn’t let this all get to my head. Perhaps just classic elegance?—a beautiful flower in my hair.

What’s your take?

Have a fun-filled weekend! I’ll see you on Monday :)

[images from left to right, top to bottom: 1 by Elizabeth Messina, 2 Anna Be Bridal Boutique, 3 by Elizabeth Messina, all via The Ritzy Bee blog, 4 twigs & honey, 5-6, 8 Martha Stewart Weddings]

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Remember our date? - Thank You, Cafe/Bar/Store

I hope you didn’t forget our little date today? C’mon, get off the computer and put on your walking shoes. I’ll meet you in half an hour’s time at the crossing down the road.

Oh, here you are! That’s a lovely floral dress you have on, and those are cute comfortable sandals too! Perfect for this breezy summer afternoon. Let’s take a leisurely walk down this road, shall we? We should see the coast soon.

Okey dokey, the place I wanted to show you is just round the corner from here. I can smell the sea from here! Ah huh! Here it is. The lovely thank you, cafe/bar/store. After we’re both done swooning at the old school décor, I know you’ll be totally with me for browsing their products. Let’s top it all up with some tea and cakes later, ya?


thank you, bar/cafe/store
Location: Xiamen, China

[images from thank you, cafe/bar/store via Casual Poet]

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Quick Fruit & the Irresistable Purple

I’m sitting here feeling really warm and these fruit jellies look perfect for me! Somehow, I’ve always been attracted to the coloured translucency of jellies. And I love how the tabs on top of these jellies show the cross-sections of the fruits. Aren’t they great? I’m already feeling refreshed! Designed by Marcel Buerkle.

I really liked snacking on jellies when I was a kid (actually I liked snacking on anything sweet). Those that I had came in a pack and inside were these jellies in conical-shaped packaging. They came in various flavours and colours. I always went straight for purple grape (I had this HUGE fascination with grape-flavoured sweet thingys)! I would eat a few strawberry-flavoured ones too, which are second on my list, so that I wouldn’t exhaust the grape ones so quickly. After I’m through, the pack would be looking a lot less attractive, having lost it vibrant colours. Usually, what were left were the yellow ones, which I never really had a love affair with. Oh, did I mention that I usually devour quite a number in one sitting?

Were you crazy about jellies/jell-o too? Did you go for the irresistibly attractive purple ones too?

[images from The Dieline]

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer in Japan

I recall that when I first stepped foot in Japan, it was summer. Till now, my experience of this season is tied to my memory of summer in Japan.

Summer is when :
- the chirring of the cicadas pervades the air
- children gleefully pedal around in their bicycles along the rice fields
- newly-hung wind chimes punctuate the silence in the houses
- people fan themselves unceasingly with uchiwas (round paper fans)
- young and old get excited with summer matsuri (festivals) and hanabis (fireworks)
- cold noodles are slurped noisily in food joints
- softcream of countless flavours are all the rage

[images from left to right, top to bottom: jchatoff, Masayuki Shimizu, MsYuri, sakura chihaya, .Harry, Cookie Cutter, Cookie Cutter, kamoda, aloaosabine, Cookie Cutter, Cookie Cutter]

Monday, June 15, 2009

Charmed - Paul Massey's house

What do you do on lazy weekend afternoons? Those days when it’s too warm to go outside, you’re not feeling exactly sociable, you can’t believe the crap they show on TV, and don’t even mention the abhorred word, “housework”. I love to sit down with an interior décor magazine, have the company of a few cookies and while the time away.

During the weekend that just passed, my choice of magazine was the June issue of Livingetc. As I coveted pages after pages of beautiful furnishings I wished were available here in Singapore, I came to the "House of the month" section. And then I was no longer just coveting, I was swooning (my cookies took a back seat for a moment).

Photographer Paul Massey’s house is awfully charming! It’s not just all white (the way I like it), he also furnished it with interesting finds from all locations. I loooove seeing old items given a new lease of life and/or being used in a creative way. It’s so witty and refreshing! Furnishings with weathered and worn out look are simply attractive to me. They have so much character and I would wonder about the stories they embody.

Such a house would totally complement my lazy afternoon magazine reading, wouldn’t it? Ahhh, it’ll be so perfect.

I'm sure I'm not the only one with an all-white obsession, right? Do you have infinite love for vintage and aged-looking pieces too?

[images from Livingetc]