Monday, June 15, 2009

Charmed - Paul Massey's house

What do you do on lazy weekend afternoons? Those days when it’s too warm to go outside, you’re not feeling exactly sociable, you can’t believe the crap they show on TV, and don’t even mention the abhorred word, “housework”. I love to sit down with an interior décor magazine, have the company of a few cookies and while the time away.

During the weekend that just passed, my choice of magazine was the June issue of Livingetc. As I coveted pages after pages of beautiful furnishings I wished were available here in Singapore, I came to the "House of the month" section. And then I was no longer just coveting, I was swooning (my cookies took a back seat for a moment).

Photographer Paul Massey’s house is awfully charming! It’s not just all white (the way I like it), he also furnished it with interesting finds from all locations. I loooove seeing old items given a new lease of life and/or being used in a creative way. It’s so witty and refreshing! Furnishings with weathered and worn out look are simply attractive to me. They have so much character and I would wonder about the stories they embody.

Such a house would totally complement my lazy afternoon magazine reading, wouldn’t it? Ahhh, it’ll be so perfect.

I'm sure I'm not the only one with an all-white obsession, right? Do you have infinite love for vintage and aged-looking pieces too?

[images from Livingetc]

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  1. On weekends when it's too warm to be out...i love lazing at home with a book or movies. :) I am in love with paul's house! I love white and the mixture of other wonderful findings! I would love to hang at home all day if thatz my house. :) Have a lovely merry happy week and love to yoU!


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