Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy holidays

Hi folks, As we enter the last month of the year, as the year draws to a close, I wish to thank you once  again for sticking with me through another year. This year, we visited a couple of countries via the travel posts. In between, we continued to drool over interesting designs and cute products. I hope you've had fun. I certainly did. To the folks who took the time to occasionally post a comment or two, thank you! It was nice interacting. Hopefully, that will continue in future and at the same time, I'll get to hear from others too. 

I've decided to take a little hiatus on the blog for the rest of this month. To give myself a little break and also to think of next year's direction. This year has been great with many events and breakthroughs. And I hope next year will be even better! 

Happy holidays!
See you in 2013!