Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Little Green Guy

I made this little green guy over the weekend. So far, people either love it or they don't.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Old Town Coffee

We were craving for a good old cup of coffee. Not done the Starbucks way but in typical local Singaporean style. It was 11.45pm by the time we arrived at Old Town Coffee. I checked the sign and it indicated that they were opened till 12am. We decided to try our luck anyway. The waitress popped into the kitchen to check out if they were still able to take our orders and returned with a smile. Yippee!

Before long, two cups of steaming hot coffee were before our eyes. Perhaps because they were served in old traditional cups and saucers , the coffee just seemed particularly aromatic. Consistent to what they sell (traditional local beverages and food), the interior was fitted with wooden marble-topped tables and stools as well as ceiling fans. The entire place was furbished to be reminiscent of 1960s Singapore.

Since it was kinda late, we savoured our coffee free from the usual daytime bustle and crowd of this place. Lovely.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Little Purple Book

This is a booklet I created for my company. We are a small but growing company and needed an employee handbook to document our human resource policies. After some discussion, we decided that we wanted to relate the company's beginnings to new members as well. Knowing our roots and passion of the pioneers would help establish a sense of identity. Hence being the radicals that we are, we wanted our handbook to read like a story book. Yours truly was then tasked with seeing the book to fruition.

With the partnership of another colleague, I somehow managed to present the story of our beginnings, our family work culture, brand and human resource matters in the form of a book. Instead of titling it "The Employee Handbook", we gave it an interesting title, aligned with our quest to be the Purple Cow.

The printing was done in-house (thank goodness the printer didn't die on me). I would have bound it differently but we had to manage the cost.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Gorgeous design by SILNT (found via Casual Poet). I love how understated it is. SiLNT was commissioned by the National Arts Council of Singapore to design this book for Noise Singapore 2009 (an arts festival for young people, by young people, dedicated to creating noise about the creative young talents in Singapore). Founded in 2005, SILNT is a local design studio that works on a diverse range of projects from art direction and design, brand development and campaign services to curatorial direction etc. 

More pictures of the book here.

[images from SILNT]

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I have been committing to running at least twice a week. It has always been my desire to do so and reading Holly's second installment of her wonderful Creativity Series gave me more reasons to do so. Usually, I try to squeeze in time after work. It's tough as it entails getting off work promptly and pushing away all other work engagements. Today, I attempted to run in the morning before work (again something I thought of but sleep was always in the way). I got up at 6am and was out by 6.10am.

It felt great. Exhilarating. I witnessed the sun gradually flooding the eastern horizon with its glory. Usually when I run, I would avoid all the bumps on the road. Even with such small things, I opt for the safe route. This obviously applies for the other aspects of my life. I recalled how I once saw a kid deliberately stepping into all the after-shower puddles in his path. I on the other hand was desperately trying to avoid them. But he was having so much fun! As I approached the first bump on the road this morning, I tackled it. Only when we embrace the highs and lows of life will we truly live, right?

Oh, I also enjoyed the after sport adrenalin high. Feels even better when one gets it at the start of the day.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Animal Rubber Bands

Aren't these adorable? Rubber bands are no longer dull! These animal rubber bands stay in shape. So, imagine the little surprise your receiver gets upon untying them. They are accompanied by cute descriptions too.

Found on +d. Check out their other cute products as well.