Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Winner!

And we have a WINNER! The winning entry for the Sew Searching plush design activity is NEILSON! Congrats! I'll be working on your plushie next week, it'll be on its way to you soon! I like Neilson's design because it's so unlike what I usually do and I love that he turned the template upside down.


That said, there were actually LOTS of fantastic entries, some I would never be able to do justice to. They are all such great pieces of art, I'll be keeping all of them. THANK YOU everyone who took the time to sit down, draw and inspire others!

So, I've been doing the tear down, sorting out the end bits of the exhibition and saying my thank yous this week. Hope to do some a fun post on the blog next week :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Sew Searching

Hi there! My little exhibition, Sew Searching, wrapped up last Saturday. Although tiring, it's been fun doing it! I got to meet and chat with people whom I know but have never met, blog/FB readers, friends, friend's friends, new friends. Regardless of how they came to know about the exhibition (Facebook, online/blog/website shout outs, newspaper blurb etc.), regardless of whether they are in the creative line or just take an interest in it, everyone who made the trip down shared a love for creative/crafty/handmade work. 

The opening on 18 Jan night was packed with people and buzz. The rest of the week was quieter and folks who came by then took their time to look and chat. To the many who left me with praise and words of encouragement, thank you very much. To those who are trying to find your way in your creative journey, press on, chase your passion. 

Here are some photos from the opening night. You can find more in my Facebook Page album here. And here are some photos from the rest of the exhibition days. 

Sew Searching

Sew Searching

Sew Searching

Sew Searching

Sew Searching

Sew Searching

Sew Searching

Thank you once again to all the kind people who helped make this exhibition possible (you know who you are)! 

Stay tuned for the winner of the plush design activity :)

[Thank you, Joshua, for some the above images]

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Red Packets

Swooning over this beautiful piece of work by &Larry. Witty! And check out the texture!

Just in time for the upcoming lunar new year. Works perfectly for other happy occasions like weddings too.

Face Value

Face Value

Face Value

P/S I've had fun chatting with the folks who came by Sew Searching the past couple of days.  The exhibition is still going on, so there's still time if you haven't dropped by :). I'll be sure to share some images when the event wraps up!

[images: &Larry]

Monday, January 14, 2013

Cookie Stamp

So, I have a rubber ink stamp collection, which mysteriously grows whenever I make a trip to stationery stores. They're for my crafty needs, I always justify. Some aren't used that often, some I even forget I own. But always when I look through them, a little rush of glee still runs through me. 

Guess what I spotted today? Cookie stamp! I can already imagine myself happily stamping away, never mind that I don't bake that often. 


Available here

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sew Searching - an exhibition

Hi folks, I mentioned previously that I have something up my sleeves and I'm excited to finally share this piece of news with you! Cookie Cutter will be having its first little solo exhibition-- "Sew Searching"!! 

(click to enlarge)

After months of working on it, we've finally begun the installation set up, and as we count down to the launch, I'm starting to fret all the big and small things-- what possible glitches there will be, what if no one turns up etc. Yes, worry wart, that's me. 

"Sew Searching" features Cookie Cutter's handmade plush toys and lifestyle products, and is curated by Yanda of donotdesignIn the face of cloned mails, machine regurgitated products and a prescribed route of convention, one treads a path fraught with challenges, when one does not want what many others do. This exhibition seeks to gather like-minded people to witness a journey of searching and the fruits of this search. It is an attempt to keep alive a creative community independent of huge corporations. We also hope to reshape how people consume and interpret handmade. 

Additionally, the exhibition features collaborations with 7 local creatives who share our cause. 

So please ,
spread the word
gather your friends and
come shun the mass market with us! 

I'll be there daily and I'll love for you to say hi :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Hello 2013

Hello! So I took a little longer than usual to return. I'm back nonetheless :). I hope everyone had a good year end break, and is running on full steam ahead.

How has your new year been so far? Still keeping to those resolutions, one week on, I hope? I'm excited about the year ahead and have something planned that is coming up this month! I'm working hard on it and am very very excited about it. Details will be coming up very soon!  

For now, here's a little doodle for you. Let's make it an awesome 2013 where we soar to greater heights!