Thursday, June 25, 2009

Guilty as Charged - Kate Spade

I did something I shouldn’t do yesterday. Something that could have resulted in serious consequences.

I ventured dangerously close to a Kate Spade boutique. In my own defense, I have tried with all my might to fight it. But, the colourful as candy bags and accessories sitting daintily in the display window were beckoning. They are all of summer and girly-ness!

My sole lifeline was that it was near closing hours. Hence to curb my urge, I dutifully went home and trawled the Kate Spade website. I hereby bring you my favourites:

Needless to say, I have to update “I am Hearting”. Boy, it was real tough picking just one though.

[images from Kate Spade]


  1. gorgeous colors- and i just love those grey shoes!

  2. Women can't have enough bags, though I consider myself a shoe person who can't wear heels even when threatened with death! :) Heels will incapacitate me, so I console myself by window shopping,

    I love the first pictures, very summer-ish.

  3. You're quite forgiven. I think all of us are guilty of that at least once in our life time.


  4. I was not as good as you, because after weeks of stalking the kate spade website, I some how found myself at the store with the that first bag (in yellow) in my hands. It is now sitting right below my desk...and darnit, I deserved it :)

  5. so lovely .... i just don't go into that store as i can't resist the temptation!

  6. argh, I walk past the kate spade store EVERY DAY on my way to work. talk about tempting!!! her windows are always insanely lovely.....

  7. the purple heel is soo pretty!


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