Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Quick Fruit & the Irresistable Purple

I’m sitting here feeling really warm and these fruit jellies look perfect for me! Somehow, I’ve always been attracted to the coloured translucency of jellies. And I love how the tabs on top of these jellies show the cross-sections of the fruits. Aren’t they great? I’m already feeling refreshed! Designed by Marcel Buerkle.

I really liked snacking on jellies when I was a kid (actually I liked snacking on anything sweet). Those that I had came in a pack and inside were these jellies in conical-shaped packaging. They came in various flavours and colours. I always went straight for purple grape (I had this HUGE fascination with grape-flavoured sweet thingys)! I would eat a few strawberry-flavoured ones too, which are second on my list, so that I wouldn’t exhaust the grape ones so quickly. After I’m through, the pack would be looking a lot less attractive, having lost it vibrant colours. Usually, what were left were the yellow ones, which I never really had a love affair with. Oh, did I mention that I usually devour quite a number in one sitting?

Were you crazy about jellies/jell-o too? Did you go for the irresistibly attractive purple ones too?

[images from The Dieline]

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  1. My mum considered jellies as a healthy alternative compared to chocolate, so she would buy a packet (16 pieces)for each of us! :) My love for grape flavoured/coloured stuff still lives on!But my second faves were the yellow coloured ones... :)


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