Friday, February 25, 2011

Dress Guards - Simeli

I don’t cycle much around here. I wish I still have the mamachari I had when I was in Japan. But the truth is, there isn’t much of a need to cycle right now. I’ll confess that I don’t know very much about bicycles too, apart from being about to tell pretty bicycles from the boring ones. Skirt guards? Dress guards? What?! I’ve never bothered much about these. Until now.

Simeli Dress Guard

Simeli Dress Guard

Simeli Dress Guard

Aren’t these to die for? Hand crocheted dress /skirt guards! They’re from Simeli, based in The Netherlands. I love how colourful they are. Oh-so-perfect with a good old mamachari! Swoon.

[images: Simeli]

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Embroidered Love Handmade Tote

So, I’ve been sewing quite a bit lately and I’m happy that it’s so. It’s something that I take delight in, especially when seeing the final product and having the satisfaction that I made it with my own hands! Lately, I noticed that sewing allows me to think about things. The same way runners think when they go on a run (I get that sometimes when I run. That is if I’m not busy thinking about how tired I am and how much more to cover).

Here’s a sweet tote bag newly listed in my Etsy shop. I hand-embroidered the “Love Handmade” because I thought it embodies so much of what I do. Click here for more details.

Love Handmade Tote

Love Handmade Tote

Love Handmade Tote

I’m working towards listing something on my little shop at least once a month :).

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Good Start

It’s a new week and I decided I should start it right with a healthy breakfast!


Oh, it’s also because I’m feeling guilty over all that feasting and junk food that have continued for way too long :p

Happy Monday, folks!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Window Shopping

Yippee! I’m so glad it’s Friday. I’m sure you are looking forward to the weekend too. If I’m staying in during the weekend, window shopping in Etsy is one of my favourite activities! The creative talent in there constantly amazes me! Recently, I did a random search on beard/moustache related items. I’m not a facial hair fanatic but I thought you may find these cute!

hand painted brooch by Amy Walters

embroidery by onlyembry

pacifier by zieak

ring by inpaperclouds

chocolate lollipops by FiveSisterz

print by blondebeard
Happy weekend, lovelies!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Handmade library Cards & Pockets

I love all things old school and so made these library cards and pockets which remind me of my weekly sojourns to the community library when I was kid. Use them as birthday cards, invites, gift tags etc. Personalise them! Available here in my little Etsy shop.

Library Cards & Pockets

Library Cards & Pockets

Monday, February 14, 2011

Handmade Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day may be over-rated and way too commercialized but we continue to mark the day because it’s an extra excuse to celebrate and to shower our significant other with gifts. I recall in my schooling days, Valentine’s Day was not exclusive to lovers or couples. We celebrated love between friends and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly as well. Why not, right?

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovelies! I hope you have a wonderful day, however you are spending the day. Here are some beautiful handmade Valentine’s Day gifts and ideas from the online world. Simple but so genuine! (Click to enlarge)


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Perfectly Framed - Max Wanger

My interest in photography started during my schooling days. I was intrigued by how it challenged me to present and see things in refreshing angles. Nothing is mundane. Through the years, I haven’t been as active taking my camera with me when I’m out and about but a great shot never fails to capture my attention.

I am in love and in awe of the work of Max Wanger. Especially those images which demonstrate excellent framing and clever use of empty space, such as these below. They inspire one to greater creativity.

Max Wanger

Max Wanger

Max Wanger

The lesson in photography can easily be translated to life too, isn’t it? There is always more than one side to things. It’s just that I often stubbornly choose to see things in my way.

[images: Max Wanger]

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tea towels - The Hungry Girls

Although the Lunar New Year is traditionally 15 days, things pretty much returned to normal once work and school started yesterday. This means that the unmarried can start totaling their ang bao (red packet) revenue and for all of us, the eating frenzy will taper. I love a good meal (who doesn’t?) as well as the occasional attempts to cook in the kitchen. But NEVER the washing. I dread all that grease and scrapping off all that bits that get stuck! Eww.

Lately, I’ve been curious as to what folks use to dry their dishes? I’ve been seeing lots of beautiful tea towels online and even got 2 for my friends last Christmas. But I’ll find it hard to use these beautiful pieces for actual drying and cleaning though. My most recent tea towel crush are these two from The Hungry Girls:

The Hungry Girls

The Hungry Girls

Aren't they fun?

Friday, February 4, 2011


Hi there, how you are doing? I'm still celebrating the lunar new year with lots of feasting. I'm dropping in to let you know that Notabilla, a blog by an artsy/crafty New Yorker living in Singapore, has a column where she interviews Singaporeans to share their Singapore. I'm delighted to be in the current installment. Read about it here!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stylish Red Packets

So, it’s the lunar new year tomorrow! If you’re celebrating it, I’m sure you’re caught up in the festivities by now. I’ll keep this post short with this beautiful felt MRKT red packets available at Rockstar. You know it’s going to stand out amongst the many other freely given away ones with names of sponsors printed all over.

Red Packet

Okie dokie, back to snacking on new year goodies (or supposedly cleaning the house). Happy lunar new year, folks! Have a successful year of the rabbit!

[image: Rockstar]