Friday, January 29, 2010

[Honeymoon] - Day 1 cont'd

(cont’d from previous post)

With a better idea of our cold thresholds and having checked into our cozy “French-y” room, T and I made sure we were well-prepared before we next stepped into the open. Yes, excitement and enthusiasm alone weren’t enough to shield us from the cold. Out came the heat packs for my icy toes and fingers (I never saw these being sold in the shops over there!).

We walked quite abit and I couldn’t pull myself away from the many quirky-looking shops that lined the narrow lanes (when are we gonna have such shopping in Singapore? Enough of big swanky malls carrying the same labels!). You look down a lane, not sure if you should venture on as it looks pretty quiet. You do anyway because you are an enthusiastic tourist and lo and behold, you spot an interesting shop! Ahh, the exhilaration and joy… Often, I found that it was alright not to purchase anything. Simply browsing and ogling at the décor of these shops were enough to feed my deprived soul.

I had wanted to make a list of interesting Parisian shops that I knew of and visit them this time round but all the wedding prep and scrambling around thereafter left me no time. This particular day, we walked past this shop and I took a step backwards because the items displayed caught my eye. And then I found the things familiar looking. Stepping into it confirmed my suspicion. I had blogged about this treasure trove! Remember Les Touristes? It was so delightful actually visiting a shop that I had only ogled at from the screen. I exchanged a few words with the friendly ladies inside. I totally loved the cheerful floral prints and would have taken home a few cushions and quilt covers. Bearing in mind that this was only the first day of my visit, I had to restrain myself.

I did get something from there though. No, it wasn’t floral but I fell in love with the bright orange and quirky jellyfish print. Something about its shape attracted me too. So, here’s my tote at home now!

One thing I love about many European countries is the architecture. Why do all the buildings look gorgeous? Even the lampposts are beautiful!
While walking around and shopping was a pleasure with the absence of the summer crowd, it also meant that the daylight time was much shorter. T and I kept lamenting that 5pm over there felt like 7pm to us. With the sun setting, it also got colder. That was our signal to pop into a bar for drinks. Hey, we couldn’t help it. It kept us warm, you know? Somewhat. Time to read and plan for the next day too.

Ah, I'm missing Paris already. The weekend's here again, so we'll continue our ride next week, ya? See you soon!


  1. I agree with "big swanky malls carrying the same labels" obsergvation! It's so cool you get to visit Les Touristes, and I admire your sheer willpower to restrain yourself :) I wouldn't have the courage, someone may have to drag me kicking and screaming :)

    Loving the pictures! Please post more :)

  2. OMG YOU ARE BACK!!! FINALLY!!! I was so psyched to see you reply to Sarah's entry. I was like "You are back!!!". Welcome!! I saw the photos and they are heartbreakingly beautiful! Please blog more! (:

  3. Hi there, see that you had a lot of fun. Paris is great we go every year and it will be alway's me fav city. Mika (


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