Monday, February 1, 2010

[Honeymoon] - Day 2 & 3 Paris

Happy February! I have a biased-liking for this month. On top of this, Valentine’s day and the Lunar New Year both fall on the 14th of this month. Sounds like more opportunities to have fun :). Ok, ok, don't hurry me, I know we are to continue where we left off in the previous post:

Probably one of T and my few laments was that daylight time was really short. It’s really not so fun doing stuff when it’s dark and cold. On the other hand, it tied in with our plan to have a free and easy schedule ie. we wake up at whatever time we wished, a morsel of touristy sight-seeing activity, just do whatever we love.

Our morning ritual was to draw the curtains and check the sky. It was a pretty fine day when we set out for Monmarte where the Sacré-Cœur Basilica sits. Oh, it’s the highest point of the city. This meant a walk upslope and also the flights of stairs. I justified it with my hearty breakfast and erm, a nutella crepe upon my walk down.

This meant I was recharged and we made our way to Moulin Rouge. The tickets were too expensive (we knew but had to check anyway) so like the rest of the folks there that afternoon, we snapped pictures.

In between shopping/window-shopping for cute, unique stuff and popping into Naf Naf, we of course found time to eat. Lots. The cold was always a great excuse. We had the best Macaron we ever tasted! No it wasn’t cheap but so worth it (the calories too)! Decided to go for a slightly different flavour—passionfruit and chocolate. It was heavenly! I took a bite and it was a delicious surprise of sour and sweet, very full-flavoured. It totally delighted my tastebuds! The texture surprised me—just a thin layer of crisp outside and it was so substantial on the inside (not at all airy). Mmmm... very intense and fulfilling experience.

I realised that the carousel is a big thing in Europe. The one opposite our hotel sat in solidarity against a backdrop of the snow-littered park. With its warm blinking lights it was so post-card perfect!

I didn’t know where we were initially but T got me into this crowded mall one evening (so unlike him). As we stood in the middle of the ground level, he said “look up”. “Wow”! A stunning dome roof. Galeries Lafayette certainly had me swooning with its gorgeous dome as well as Art Nouveau staircases. If Singapore wants to have malls, we should at least have malls like these.

As you can tell by now, we usually end our day with a drink.

Thanks to all of you who came by to welcome me back and to say hello! So sweet of you!

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  1. OMG, carousels are so much fun! And the macaron looks delightful :)


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