Monday, June 3, 2013

Pom Pom Making

I sometimes wander along the aisles of craft stores looking at the balls of attractive yarns in all sorts of colours and wished I could knit or crochet. Well, I can't. 

Recently, I found the perfect excuse to spend my money on 2 balls of yarn. I was going to make pom poms! I've been wanting to make pom poms for the sheer fun of it for the looooongest time but never got down to it. There was always another more urgent project/something I had to do for the shop etc. But I put my foot down this time and reminded myself that I needed to remember what it was like to craft for fun. For my own enjoyment. 

Pom Poms

There are loads of tutorials you can find online on how to make pom poms. I went along with this one. Minimal fuss, minimal materials.

Pom Poms

It's really simple and in ten minutes, I had my first handmade pom pom! If you want a fluffier pom pom, you can give it a brush to make it furry.

Pom Poms

Speaking of pom poms, if you are old enough (like me), you may remember the craze back then of wearing ankle socks that came with a little pom pom attached at the back. Do you? :)


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