Friday, June 7, 2013


It's been a week since I started the SK-II Cellumination Essence Ex trial (see my first post here). Visually, I can't really tell if there are any marked differences. But I must say, I'm enjoying pampering my skin and giving it a treat. I'm looking forward to witnessing that promised "radiance" soon!

Honestly, I'm a cleanse, tone and moisturise kinda person. I dislike spending a long time in the bathroom or in front of the dressing table. With this trial, I find that there's really not that much additional "work" I got to do.

Also, I've always feared the sticky feeling when one piles on lots of products on the face, be it skincare or make-up. It's like the skin can't breathe! I'm glad to report though that the 3 new additional products I am using in this trial-- Cellumination Essence EXCellumination Mask-in LotionCellumination Day Surge UV-- are not thick and they glide on the skin easily. Here's a little reminder for all of us: if you apply too little, it's as if you're not applying at all. So make sure you are using the right amount, be sufficiently generous.

SK-II part2 
One pump of the Cellumination Essence EX

That's all for now. More updates next week!


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