Friday, May 31, 2013

SK-II Cellumination Trial (part 1)

Hello there! I just got back from a little trip to Sydney. Yes, that means we'll have a Sydney series of posts coming right! I love traveling (duh, as if you didn't already know) but I've always been concerned about the dryness on board the flights and difference in temperature between Singapore and where I am traveling to.

SK-II has kindly invited me to take part in their 4-week Cellumination Essence Ex trial and I thought it's such perfect timing!  I'm certainly looking forward to having my skin back to "normal" again and on top of that, experience the promise of brilliant translucent aura skin! 

I just went to have my skin tested at the SK-II counter yesterday and the results weren’t too bad. Guess my daily usage of the Treatment Essence is working (justifies the money spent)! Of course, there are still areas to work on. And besides, even if one is happy with one’s skin, it needs to be maintained.  So on top of the Treatment Essence, during these 4 weeks, my regime will include 3 products from the SK-II Cellumination range which I’ve not tried:


Today’s the first day of my trial and I’ll be updating you with my progress in a few posts in the next couple of weeks. Stick around!


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