Monday, April 11, 2011

Shop Update - Mr Cloud

How was your weekend, lovelies? Mine went by so quickly I can’t remember what I did! Haha, but it was fruitful. I worked most of Saturday on a piece of illustration assignment. Just when it was time for dinner, it began to pour. But I headed out anyway for a much needed breather. Yesterday, I ran in aid of Japan (I’m so glad I did my little bit to help) and ended the day with a family dinner.

The previous post was the last of the Bangkok series. I hope you liked it. If you’ve missed it, you can still revisit by clicking on “travel” on the sidebar. So, it’s a new week and I thought I’ll let you in on what I’ve been busy with. Well, sewing of course! I’ve been working on a few plushies and here’s one of them:

Mr Cloud

This is Mr Cloud. He’s both hand and machine-stitched. Mr Cloud lives in a distant land but he yearns to be like everyone else. Afterall, he loves Oreos dunked in milk, chocolates and is lazy sometimes, just like you and me! See more of Mr Cloud in my Etsy shop!


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