Friday, March 25, 2011

5 to Survive - Help Japan

I’ve been having difficulty blogging the past 2 weeks or so, with all that’s happening in Japan. As you know, I’ve worked and lived in Japan for a year. When I was there, people welcomed me into their lives with warmth and generosity. I've made some Japanese friends whom I consider my "family" from afar. And there's a little city in one obscure prefecture which I refer to as 'my hometown'. Japan has a special place in my heart. While I'm so thankful my hometown has been spared the worst of the recent earthquake and tsunami, I see the shuddering images of the destruction, and feel for those people. And if you think about it, they are dear to other people as well, they are someone else's families.

Being away from where things are happening, I've been feeling helpless and kept asking myself what I can do to help. I'm glad to have found a way to contribute. A group of us from across the world, who have lived/are living in Japan are working with a few organisations in Japan. We will do the 5tosurvive Run on 10 Apr, 3.11pm to raise funds for Japan. I've just pledged to run as well. I know that many of us have donated via many other arrangements but if you will, I would greatly appreciate it if you would support my run by making a donation here. Money raised will go through the globalgiving relief fund to the Red Cross and Living Dreams. You can read more at the 5tosurvive link. It's not a long distance but I really want to get off my butt to do something and I hope you can help.

If you know of any family and friends who love Japan too, please let them know about this as well.

Thank you. This means a lot to me.


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