Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Celebrating Yumminess - Celine S

If you follow me on Twitter, you would know that I’ve been stuffing myself with food since my return from my trip to China. I can’t help it! I miss all my usual comfort food (ok, maybe it’s more chronic than that since I’ve been home for more than a week now). T says I’ve turned into an eating machine. Maybe he’s worried I would eat a hole in his pocket ;P.

Guess what? When I’m not actually eating, I’m ogling at food images. Haha! Totally in love with the gorgeous food photography from Celine S right now. *drool*

[images: Celine S]


  1. Fabulous pictures !

  2. Dying a little inside looking at her cutlery and that cast-iron pan, oh!

  3. I could eat off from these yummeh pictures. It was lovely meeting you the last time. We should perhaps hang out some days for some bread & coffee. Oh well, food. ;)

  4. These are awesome pictures! Made my mouth water :)


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