Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sichuan, China

Hello lovelies! I’m back! How have you been? That week long trip is definitely going down as one of my most memorable! It started out like any other trip with the family. My parents and I were visiting China. As we were all busy, we took the option of going on a guided tour. It included being on a coach to reach the more remote and rural areas but held the promise of gorgeous scenic sites. Unfortunately, the unusual and persistent summer rain took its toil on the land and landslides were occurring. With the windy, narrow roads blocked, we were stranded on our return trip in these remote areas for more than 10 hours!

I’ll spare you the harrowing details and my heart goes out to the villages whose lives are so dependent on nature yet these very same forces wreck havoc on them every so often. I’m glad to be home. I am also more thankful than ever that I am able to live with material comforts in a place free from natural calamities.

A few photos from the trip. I must say, the natural landscape was breathtaking! Made me realise how immense this land is and how small I really am.

Back in the city, we visited the pandas. They are pretty adorable! They look like they’re wearing little cropped jackets!


  1. HAY!
    your blog is rather fancy!
    I enjoy the snap shots and lovely finds!
    x o x

  2. One of my dream is to see or touch a panda. They are just unique.

  3. love that pic of the colourful flasks. and the pandas, of course.


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