Friday, May 14, 2010

Hello for a Little While, Hong Kong

Hi there, I'm back for my little trip! Did you miss me? I did feel a little weird at times not tweeting, blogging, checking out Facebook or even emails. I wondered every now and then what’s happening in the new media social networking world, the news and updates I was missing out on… But I realised that it’s important to disconnect for a while and in turn connect with the real world around us. Once that sunk in, I actually felt quite liberated. The only time I sneaked online was when T was checking us in for the return flight. I was on for a whole of 5 minutes.

It wasn’t T and my first time to Hong Kong. In fact, it’s one of our favourite places for short trips. We love Hong Kong for its vitality and vibrancy! Shops and food places stay open till late, so you never have to think too hard about what to do when the sky turns dark. I think that makes an awful lot of sense for a city full of working folks. But we’ll save the food stories for the next post, shall we?

In between all the gastronomical affairs, we found time during this trip to visit a multi-media art exhibition “Hope & Glory” by Hong Kong-based Simon Birch.

(above) This was my favourite installation. Cool, isn’t it?

We also spotted a series of 13 hand carved and painted wooden sculptures by Kevin Fung, titled “The Real Me”. (above) This was titled “The Real Me: Review meeting at 9am”. I smiled at how true the depictions are.

On one of our wanderings, we saw this narrow semi-dark flight of stairs but with a lovely door at the top. Being in a foreign land offers more audacity so we opened the door on the right. We saw a lady talking at a table with a couple. Of course, this is a bridal shop! That explains the name-- “ Les bisous” (Kisses in French). We attempted our most innocent, ignorant, lost tourist look and hastily closed the door. I did linger for a few seconds more after that because the door knob caught my eye.

Everyday old things always fascinates me too.

For our trips to Hong Kong, T and I always choose to stay at Langham Place, Mong Kong. Great location but more than that, I appreciate that they pay attention to the little things.

See the card that reads “Dream Big”? It lists the range of pillows they have. Instead of the default pillows, you can choose what type of pillows you want! I was SO bought over! At the end of the next day when we returned to our cozy room, there was another little card on the bed also with “Dream Big” printed on it. Enclosed was a bag of chamomile tea leaves.

I really like their collaterals too!

Come by again soon for a food-related post :).


  1. This place seems really cool ! Is it affordable ?

  2. Welcome back!! I did miss you! :) Sounds like a wonderful trip and thanks so much for sharing photos with us! I am so in love with that lovely door knob! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!


  3. those wood sculptures are awesome! sounds like a fantastic trip :)

    xo Alison

  4. Hi L'Astuce à l'Oreille, we thought it was resonable for what we were getting. You can check out their website for more details :)

  5. that door knob is amazing!!! i'm so glad you opened the door ;)


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