Friday, May 7, 2010

Of Strawberries & Girls

I bought a cutting mat recently and was so excited to use it. I’m ashamed to say that all these while, I’ve been cutting without it and making do with other padding. Psss, I also scratched the table. Finally decided that it was time to have proper tools and boy am I glad I got it! Cutting became such a breeze! So folks, invest in your tools. You’ll be well-rewarded.

I had fun crafting the past few days. Fussing over measurements, cutting, sewing, getting my fingers dirty with glue... I enjoyed every part of the process. Some of you may have heard it from my tweets.

I’m glad to say I’ve listed a journal in my little shop. It’s covered with Japanese linen fabric (I really love these) with cute strawberries print. The pages are blank inside and it’s all hand bound using Japanese stitch. As with all my other listings, I've also included a little story about myself in relation to the item. Here’s a preview of the journal. Click here to see more.

For local folks, if you are interested and prefer to transact off Etsy. Just drop me a note!

Happy Friday, lovelies! I'll be going to Hong Kong for a short trip so I'll see you back here on Wednesday :)


  1. That is such a lovely and very sweet journal! Oh and i really adore your story behind each piece you make! Have a wonderful trip to Hong Kong! Shopping paradise! Love to you!


  2. so cute. i love the pattern of that fabric. have a great time in hong kong!

    xo Alison

  3. oh, love, love, love this! so sweet and pretty.

    you couldn't be more right about having the proper tools.

    i'm in the process of binding and covering 65 hard cover wedding invitation booklets! i just bought the ATG 700 (dorky, i know!), but wow is it ever awesome. i don't like working with glue, so this is an amazing alternative. and boy is it sticky!

    i highly recommend it:

  4. Oh your work is so pretty..I must go visit your etsy right now..have fun in Hong would be amazing. xoxox

  5. Beautiful journal and I love the cute linen fabric!
    ps. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!
    Have a great trip to Hong Kong!

  6. Thanks everyone! We had a great time!

    Thanks, Kristi for the tip!


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