Monday, April 12, 2010

VoiLah! French Festival Singapore 2010

Having just returned from Paris and Besancon in January (yes, I used “just” because obviously I still very much hope I am there), I was happy to be invited to the media preview of the VoiLah! French Festival Singapore 2010.

So with the taste of Angelina’s hot chocolate, Pierre Herme’s macarons still lingering in my mouth, I made my way to the French Ambassador’s residence last Friday. Nestled amidst lush greenery, and sitting on slightly elevated ground, the colonial bungalow exuded a charm and touch of grandeur now rare amongst Singapore residences.

Unlike other press conferences, this was done in the format of a talkshow which made it more intimate and personal. On the sofa with host Hossan Leong were the various invited guests.

Hossan with Ambassador of France to Singapore, Olivier Caron

From French food to French football, classical music to young, angsty rock, art déco to street art, the festival aims to showcase the many facets of France and its culture. Wherever your heart (or stomach) lies, I’m sure VoiLah! 2010 has something to offer.

Chef Julien Bompard of Le St Julien

Browsing the festival’s programme, a few events are catching my eye: A Singaporean in Paris, a musical based on interviews with real Singaporeans living in Paris. The story’s going to be told from Singaporean expat’s point of view. With the dearth of non-Hollywood movies on our local screens, T and I often savour the goodness film festivals offer. He was delighted when I broke the news that 7 French films will be screened. I’ve always been intrigued by the Parisian’s sense of style and design. There is something inhibited about it which I find truly appealing. I’ll love to see how this is translated in French street art at France’s pioneer street artists, MISS.TIC’s exhibition, Parisienne. Check out for more details.

Other than learning about what to nourished my soul with, it was also lovely meeting Stephie of Fashion Nation, Jerrick, Hisham and DK. Special thanks to Nabs!

As a total aside, I'm thinking of taking part in an Crafty Art Swap. Let me know if you want to play long too!


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and the sweet comment.

    I wanted to take part in an art swap but didn't have anyone that was interested :(

  2. I've booked tickets for a Singaporean in Paris so I'm rather looking forward to that one! I too love the Parisians' almost natural but very distinct sense of style, very classic, always elegant and yet highly desirable.

  3. Hi, thanxs for your alway's kind words on my blog. Join in the art swap, alway's fun I think. Mika (


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