Thursday, February 4, 2010

[Honeymoon] - Day 5 Besancon

Hello there, nice to have you back again and thank you to those who left lovely comments! I really wanted to capture more images but my fingers suffered the brutality of the cold winds whenever I removed my gloves for a snap! Ok, I’m sounding totally like a tropical nerd, I know.

So, T and I were heading for Besancon via the train. The moment we exited the taxi, the cold slapped me in the face and to my dismay, it didn’t get any better in the train station! Unknown to us then, there was more to come…Our train to Besancon was delayed by 2 hours (snowy conditions)! Luckily, we found this little heated waiting room. Of course, it was packed to the brim. We were near the doors so everytime someone entered or exited, it seemed like the cold wind couldn’t wait to rush to embrace me. I swear I almost heard its sinister laughter.

T had an immersion programme in Besancon back in his school days and he stayed with a wonderful French family. We were going to visit so many years later and they welcomed us with opened arms. And with a lovely house! As I was being introduced to the family, my eyes couldn’t help staring past them into their house (sorry! That was so rude, I know).

Their house wasn’t pristine like what we see in the magazines. It definitely looked lived in but it was still a beautiful house! And I like it the more for that. I love the generous use of wood in the furniture and the house itself. Coupled with the lighting, the house exuded so much warmth. This may sound weird but I really miss the sound of walking on wooden flooring. It reminded me a lot of Japan.

Felix and Nathalie have 4 kids and now that they are a little grown up, Nathalie babysits. I wouldn’t mind if my babysitter had a room filled with toys like theirs! And they look like nice toys, don’t they?

Nothing wraps the day up better than a warm home-cooked meal. In this case, French style. Of course, there’s wine and cheese to follow. T’s face got all twisted up tasting a teeny weeny bit of Roquefort.

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  1. Gosh, that house looks so cosy and homely, and I agree with walking on wooden floors. My grandma's house had gorgeous wooden floors and I loved walking, running around and everything :)

    Thanks for another wonderful post :)


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