Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good Food and Sweet Endings

Thank you for your sweet comments on my blogiversary post! They sure put a smile to my lips.

I tweeted last week that I was enjoying a wonderful meal at Margarita’s. Here are the photos. Ahem, they are once again taken by the terrible camera on my iPhone (but otherwise great phone).

The cool weather that night made al fresco a good choice. On all other ocassions, we Singaporean dive for the cool respite of air-conditioned rooms. The indoor seats by the windows are the hottest properties because they are closest to actually being outdoor.

Of course, a drink to start us off. You know, set the tone.

Not the healthiest but oh-so-yummy!

We hit the very very crowded Ben & Jerry’s to give it all a sweet ending. You bet running was my agenda for the next morning!


  1. Such a gorgeous nite! The drink and food look so yummie. Ben & Jerry's my favorite! :) My wedding date is not set yet so i can't tell you the exact time but we are looking into year end or beginning of next year. :) Hope you are having a lovely week so far! Love to you!


  2. They look so delicious! I just ate dinner but I am already hungry! yummy ice cream....


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