Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lampshades and Hats - Melinda Love

I’ve been looking for a lamp for my bedside table and have spotted many nice ones out there. But alas, my responses have been “nah, too big”. You see, we have a tiny tiny bedroom and I’m happy to have found a bedtime table that sits just nicely between the bed and windows. So, I can’t have a gorgeous but huge lamp presiding over us in the room, can I?

I spotted Melinda Love online and am liking their collection of lamps. Don’t you find that choosing a lampshade is like choosing a hat? You pick one, put it on the base, stand back and check out the look. And when you get bored of the one in your house, you can get a new lampshade and voila, new look!

My favourite’s the little red polka dot one in the last image. Isn’t it cute?

[images: Melinda Love]

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