Tuesday, February 2, 2010

[Honeymoon] - Day 4 Paris

I’ve got lots of photos for you today so let’s begin, shall we?

We had a wonderful breakfast the fourth morning at this place called Angelina. Admiring the beautiful French décor, I soaked it all in as the chatter of the people around me, the clinking of glasses, cups, plates and utensils filled my ears. I loved this morning symphony! This was coupled with mouth-watering crossiants, pastries and the thickest chocolate drink I ever had (perfect to dip in)! Heavenly….

Took a walk near the Seine river.

This may sound silly but I think it’s totally lovely to buy cheese from shops like this.

Every corner had a little shop that got my heart beating.

I’m terrible at ice-skaing (seriously, I’m worse than a baby) but doesn’t this look beautiful?

It’s not my first time there but I just couldn’t help it.

As usual, you can click on the images to enlarge. I hope you’re liking it so far :).


  1. It's funny to see Paris from a foreigner's eyes ! I'm living in the center of Paris for 6 years now and it's fantastic. I almost forgot how it was to discover Paris for the first time. Thanks for those gorgeous pics ! ;-)

  2. Oh wow, such pretty pictures! Fantastic post :) Love the diving (?) inspired cutlery.

  3. L'Astuce à l'Oreille: You're so lucky! I bet you're still discovering new and beautiful places although it's been 6 years. Would have loved to get a few local "must-go" tips from you :)

    Elle: They are cute, aren't they? The entire shop was really bright and cheery!

  4. Ah ah, as you say, I'm still discovering new things every day !
    For sur, next time you fly to Paris, contact me and I would be glad to give you some tips ;-)


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