Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Breathtakingly Gorgeous Style - Pale & Interesting

Hello, how are you doing? Having a nice mid-week? And for those who, like me had a long weekend, I hope you had a great time. It was nice for me to unplug for a while and to spend time with family and friends. Not to mention, there was lots of festive eating! Thanks to all of you who left comments when I was feeling down and those who stopped to wish me a happy lunar new year and Valentine's Day. It sure brightened things alot to know that there are people out there who care :)

I found time to flip through some magazines and it offered some renewed clarity. I am someone who’s drawn to aesthetics and the beautiful things that have me swooning could be food, plushies, stationery, fashion…. It can get a little hazy sometimes what it is that I really love. But after perusing interior magazines this weekend, I came away certained that interior décor is one big love! It’s something that I always come back to. I relish the feeling of being inspired by an image of a creatively decorated room. I see something on a page and next thing I know, from that single image, multiple other related images spring forth in my mind. It sends a thrill through my entire being. Am I making sense here? Tell me what’s being inspired like to you?

Have you heard of Pale & Interesting? I think what they do pretty much encapsulates the style I’m sooooo loving! Keep all things simple but by juxtasposing the old and new, create something that is uniquely yours. The result is breathtakingly gorgeous and these images speak for themselves:

[images: from source]


  1. Can't wait till it is spring again and then I'll go camping. Love your camper pic. Mika (

  2. I adore !

  3. These are gorgeous..i love pale colors. :) Hope you had a great lovely valentine's and having a wonderful chinese new year celebration! Wishing you a sweet sweet day and love to yoU!


  4. Oh wow! Love the clean and simple elegance! Thanks for sharing :)


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