Friday, February 12, 2010

[Fashion Friday #8] - Spring Fever, Jill Stuart

Hello there, I know the winter AND snow is getting to some of you out there so I thought for Fashion Friday today, we’ll think spring! Jill by Jill Stuart’s Spring 2010 campaign is sure to bring cheer with its garden setting, parasols, greenery and light feminine designs. Photographed by Skye Parrott. I love how the sunlight peaks through the canopy!

We’re celebrating the Lunar New Year this Sunday (yes, it falls on the same day as Valentine’s Day this year). This means massive last minute house-cleaning today and tomorrow, visiting family and friends in the next few days after and of course, eating. It’s a public holiday for us on Monday and Tuesday, so I’ll see you back here on Wednesday. Have a happy lunar new year and/or Valentine’s Day!


  1. Dear sandy, Jill Stuart’s spring collection is gorgeous!! I've been so busy lately too...hardly anytime to visit you here on your gorgeous space! Missed you while i was away. I can totally understand all the last min things we need to prepare! Wishing you a wonderful merry happy chinese new year and a wonderful happy valentine's! Love to you and yours!


  2. Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine's day to you too!!

  3. Gorgeous Spring collection, Happy Valentines day x

  4. Feeling spring girl right now. Mika (

  5. Fabulous pictures !


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