Friday, October 23, 2009

All the World's a Stage

Who am I? Have you ever asked yourself that? When I started blogging seriously, on Cookie Cutter, I felt like I was finally letting myself go. I felt released. I wrote what I wanted. No one drew the boundaries but me. This is truly a space I can call mine. It means being all girly and gushing about cute images, raving about beautiful apparels, going on and on in paragraphs about interiors and stationery etc. These are stuff people in the “real world” may term as “fluff” but here, I proudly place “fluff” on the pedestal. Better still, I found you guys who love these as much as I and are proud of it!

In the initial days of Cookie Cutter, a friend remarked that the person I am in here is kind of different from the person I allow myself to be in the real world. This means that my friends out there know a somewhat different Sandy from the one you guys know here. The thing is, this friend prefers the Sandy he sees here and feels this is where I let my real self surface. I thought about this. The good thing is, this means Cookie Cutter is successful on a personal level. I enjoy doing it, some sweet readers have kindly said they like it (thank you!), and it’s a piece of work born out of my true self. On the other hand, the troubling implication is that the “real world” is like a masquerade for me. This would be the extreme but yes, there is a gap between my so-called two selves. This friend added that the consolation is that with my taking the leap and channeling my energy into creative work, I have narrowed the gap significantly.

I hope that one day, my two selves will be merged so that there will be only one me. It’s tough because we have responsibilities to fulfill and there are certain expectations that come with them. But it’s just too tiring to be changing masks all the time. What about you? Do you find yourself changing masks too (please tell me I’m not the only one with this problem)? Have you successfully achieved a singular identity?

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  1. Like you blogging was a way for me to rave and gush about things that inspire me and things that I'm passionate about. I feel more creative, more true to myself when I'm blogging which is sad in some way. I guess we're all coming to a place where the different parts of our selves will finally merge and there'll be no need to change masks - change roles at all.

    Blogging has also helped me connect with people like you - inspiring me to be creative, sharing beautiful stuff, and providing the safety of a community that wouldn't be possible in the "real world".

    It is my hope that we could, as you wrote achieve a singular identity and that we've already taken the first step by sharing our thoughts and creativity online :)

  2. Great post! I had the same problem before, so I started blogging and share my art work to others... I love art , design, nature and people... I enjoy what I am doing now.. It's so nice to connect with people who have same interest. I can be true to myself... xo

  3. Oh sandy, thanks for sharing your story with us! It's very inspirational. Hope you're having a good weekend and love to you!


  4. I can totally relate! I think we change a bit depending on the situation and people around is only natural. Just like how you might be different hanging out with your parents versus with girlfriends, I think. On the internet, I think at least you can connect with so many more people - the entire world - those who like what you like! It's fantastic! The multiple identity part...well, I think that is sort of cool. Ultimately, you will always be who you are, but perhaps in different situations more of a certain part just shines through... :P

  5. Thank you all for telling me I'm not the only one with this problem!

    Tortagialla: that's an interesting perspective!

  6. Hi Sandy! I am the same way, I think. I'm not as hesitant to say how I really like something when it's online. Blogging actually helps me to decide. And, thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas.


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