Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend through the eyes of my iphone

Welcome back everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was laidback but fun. I'm recapping with the help of my iphone.

If you were to ask me what’s my favourite day of the week, I’ll say “Friday”. Because that’s when I have the entire weekend ahead of me! Friday nights are best for chilling out after a long busy week. I love sitting on the bar stool and enjoying the conversation so much that everything else fades out. Perhaps that feeling is what they mean when they say to exist in the moment.

We visited a Chin Mee Chin for brunch on Saturday. This place is like an institution, having been around for ages. It still looks the way it looked-- tiled flooring and walls, marble table tops and wooden chairs. It’s boldly simple and I love it.

It still serves the food it served— local-style mini cup cakes, kaya (coconut-jam) toasts, half-boiled eggs…

When I was a kid, I had tea every morning. Because it was always so hot, Grandma taught me to pour in into the saucer and drink it from there. The tea in Chin Mee Chin came in the same type of cup and saucer. It tasted of nostalgia.

We never tire of bookshops. This weekend, we focused on the travel section. We were supposed to be planning for our honeymoon, remember?

I have a terribly sweet tooth. He comes pretty close. And sweet treats always delights us. We had this conversation--
Me: Chocolates or ice-cream?
He: Chocolates
Me: (after a moment) ice-cream
He hence concluded that he needn’t share his chocolate stash with me in future.

The idea of a flea market really excites me. Those over here are nothing compared to those abroad but I’ll gladly make do.

Since I was already in the area, I HAD to make a trip to Soon Lee. Saw a gorgeous dress and the image of it has been resurfacing in my mind ever since.


  1. Looks like you had a good weekend! I have to visit these palces if i get a chance to be in s'pore! Thanks for sharing and have a lovely week! Love to you!


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