Monday, August 31, 2009


See the new link on the right panel? Yes, I'm finally on the wagon! Still trying to figure my way around. Hopefully, no boo boos from me (gosh, I sound like an old lady)! I'm looking foward to having more fun with you. So, you're welcome to follow me and let me follow you! :)


  1. Hi Sandy,
    That is cool you are on twitter -I have to check all that out! I am off to Tokyo tomorrow and I wanted to ask you where that Tomato place was? The fabric store you went to? I would really love to check it out!!! I have been to all the other spots you went to and had fun reading through your posts!!!!
    Thanks, leslie

  2. Yay finally your on twit twit! So happy to have u on it. :) Hope you had a good weekend and love to you!

  3. Hi Leslie, I dropped you an email. You'll LOVE Tomato, I guarantee!

    Hi Jacqueline, yes, I'm finally on! Am I slow or what? Haha.


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