Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cool Uncool

Just read in the papers that prolonged wearing of contact lens causes corneal aging due to oxygen deprivation. And gasp! This effect is irreversible! Singapore has one of the highest myopia rates in the world and yours truly contributes to the statistics. And I’ll honestly admit that vanity is the primary reason I put on contact lens.

However, since about a year ago, I’ve been smitten by huge, old-school, dark-framed glasses. It makes uncool cool! Love love love!

But I have yet to get myself a pair. Reason being that I presume most of these folks wear them as a fashion statement and they’re not really prescriptive glasses. Imagine huge AND thick lens. Secondly, I’ve always thought my face is kinda small and wearing such huge glasses would envelope it. But it's been a year and I'm still in love with these glasses! Isn't that ample proof that it's no short-term infatuation? Hmm…what do you think?

[images from top: 1 We heart it, 2 Gallery.Ru, 3 le FASHION, 4 LOOKBOOK.nu, 5 Garance Doré, 6-8 The Satorialist]


  1. i've always been intrigued... but I've seen so many people wear it, I don't want to wear a pair anymore. hehe. Anyways I have a big face so it doesn't suit me, might probably suit you better. :)


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