Monday, August 3, 2009

Shelves of Happiness - PiP Studio

Did you have a fun weekend? Welcome back! It’s a new week and guess what? We’re already into August! I thought we’ll take a break from my Japan trip series today. Because I have something I’m excited to share!

Remember I did a post on beautiful wallpapers from Brian Yates a little while back? Well, the people who designed these are from PiP Studio. I googled them today and found myself in their amazingly cute website (did the little birdie flutter around and chirp at you?)! Landing on their website made my heart skip a beat. It’s so aesthetically appealing and I can’t wait to see what my eyes could feast on when I click around.

I found out that PiP Studio also sells beddings, pillows, bags, stationery, school supplies etc. And like the wallpapers that we’ve seen, these are as feminine, colourful, bright and cheery! It’s all prettiness!! Now, if only I could fill up my room with their products. I am bound to wake up every morning with a smile!

[images: PiP Studio]

Ok, I’m going back to their website (I can’t seem to stop clicking away)!


  1. Whenever I visit my cousins in the Netherlands, I always find myself buying pillows, candle stands and all the things needed to make beautify my house! They are so talented at creating pretty household accessories!

  2. These are gorgeous!! Thank you for loving their website. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  3. Very pretty and cheerful. It would be impossible to wake up on the wrong side of the bed when your bed is dressed up like that!

  4. Really fun!!! I must go check out their site -looks very inspiring! Thank you!


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