Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wallpaper Obsession

Since perusing my copy of June’s Living etc, I’ve been obsessing over wallpaper. So pray thee, indulge me just a little. I seek but an outlet.

For the longest time, wallpaper is all fuddy duddy to me. That was until I stumbled into the world of interior decor/design here on the web a couple of years ago. And then, my entire concept of wallpaper was revolutionized. See, before that, holed up me was trapped with the image of peeling yellowish dull wallpaper. Since then, I have been dying to have wallpaper in the apartment and even resorted to painting on the walls when faced with budget constraints.
And now, onto the range of wall papers which are my current objects of obsession:

If you think bright and colourful screams “gaudy” and worse still, can’t in the world imagine these on an entire slab of wall, these wallpapers below from Brian Yates will totally change your mind. They are bright, cheerful and oh so cute! Similar designs in different colours create such different moods and effects. I really really *heart* the one with vintage-looking postcards (if I had it in the apartment, I would be starring at my gorgeous wall all day)! These are happy wallpapers!

[click on images to enlarge]

These wallpaper panels designed and handprinted by Deborah Bowness really caught my eye for being truly unique. Doing away with what are traditionally associated with wallpaper- floral designs, repeated patterns- Deborah integrates photography with wallpaper. Think images of everyday objects like clothing, books, chairs.

Thank you for indulging.

[images from top, left to right: 1-9 all from Brian Yates, 10 inspire*inspire, 11-14 all from Deborah Bowness]


  1. I wanted to put wallpaper, but I thought I would get bored of the prints.. but now I'm just bored with my blue walls. haha!

  2. nice post! I love the wallpapers -amazing colors. The filing drawers are cool too!

  3. Hello!
    No, I didn't know Japanese wind chimes.
    It's was more christmas bowl inspiration!!
    see you soon!

  4. These are beautiful wallpapers!! I love floral patterns in red and yellow!

  5. I really want to break down and wallpaper a room in my house. This is great inspiration!


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