Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nihon Ikimashio! Part 5

After my short but fun trip to Obama, Satoko and I made our way back. We took a wrong turn after exiting the highway tollgate. A U-turn brought us back to the entry of the tollgate. Guess what we did? Satoko and I got out of the car and moved the cones which formed the barrier, drove the car onto the opposite side of the road and put the cones back! Then we laughed it off. My adventures in this land never end!

I was finally going back to Ono-shi (大野市), Fukui ken, a city encircled by mountains.

I regard Ono as my hometown and when we approached the familiar road leading to it, a wave of memories swept over me. I recall driving on this road with my air-con blasting in the summer heat, with my windows down in the cool spring, when the leaves turned red and with my snow tires.

I bade Satoko goodbye. The tiredness from the drive prevented us from being too emotional in our parting. As I was early in meeting Akiko, I waited in Mister Donut after Satoko dropped me off (with a donut to keep me company of course). I love Mister Donut! It felt happy just sitting in there and I noticed that the same kawaii poster I used to stare at was still sitting prettily on the wall.

As I sat there in Mister Donut, I felt so at home to be in that familiar place but at the same time, there was so much excitement in thinking what could unfold in the next few days. After numerous glances out of the window into the carpark, at 4.45pm, I finally saw a familiar looking face peering out of a car that was driving by. And she spotted me too! I jumped up from my seat, returned my tray, and hurried outside. Aaahhh!! It’s been 3 years since Akiko saw me off at the bus station. I couldn’t believe I was seeing her again! Akiko’s one of my closest friends in Japan. She and her husband, Minoru, have been WONDERFUL to me during my stay. That day, she introduced me to the newest member of her little family, Chiyo-chan. That was also the day I met the cutest kid ever.

Stepping into Akiko’s house was like coming home again. Minoru and her own a gorgeous and charming house which they decorated and designed themselves!

Wished I had more pictures to show but I was too busy catching up, and helping Chiyo-chan ransack her winter clothings (although we’re in the midst of summer). We had a lovely dinner at home that night.

(Snapped while still in the midst of preparation. There were A LOT more food than this).

After that, Akiko and I chatted into the night while Minoru and Chiyo-chan fell asleep sprawled on the floor, in front of the TV. Just like old times.

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  1. What a beautiful place to visit! Thank you for sharing!! oxox


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