Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Simplicity Rules - jackson, johnson & roe

Do you dress according to your moods? I do and this means that I sometimes am quirky with my dressing, but at other times I totally blend into the crowd (blaah…). I sometimes accessorise like a school girl who just discovered fashion, but at other times, simplicity rules. I love it this way! It means variety and it’s exciting too! Of course, it’s also a fantastic excuse to shop for clothes (I need them in all styles!).

Today, I’m into the simple and classic look. Have you heard of jackson, johnson & roe? It’s a womenswear line by 3 talented childhood friends, Sara Moffat, Teo Griscom, and Riley Salyards. Their brand name is inspired by their mothers' maiden names. I’m loving their simple, feminine and vintage style!

[images from jackson, johnson & roe]


  1. Love the first top on the second picture! This looks absolutely amazing, but my body type just makes me swim in these type of clothes, but still a girl can dream!

  2. i adore all of these! so simple but chic.


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