Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Vintage Sewing Patterns

I don’t know how or when exactly I got so fond of all things vintage. But isn’t it fun to look at something old and think of whose hands it has passed through, what it meant to its previous owners, how things were like back then... It’s like attempting to peer into the past. And if you own something old, it’s like owning a little piece of history.

Today, I’m obsessing over these vintage sewing patterns from SelvedgeShop which I found randomly on etsy.

It’s not like I’m going to make cool dresses from them but owning them because of these beautiful prints on them would make me so happy! Don’t laugh but the second image reminds me of the vintage series of Archie comics (I said no laughing).

[images from SelvedgeShop]

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  1. i love this style, i have some similar dresses, but than the more 'simple' ones :)


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