Friday, June 12, 2009

[Wedding Series 6] - Outdoor vs Indoor

I’ve always loved the idea of an outdoor wedding. The movies have them. And I get a full yummy serving of them daily here in the blogsphere. How lovely is this:

In the open fields or a lovely garden, we exchange our vows below an arc of flowers, as our family and friends share our joy.

A gorgeous white marquee against the backdrop of a setting sun. Underneath, long tables and chiavari chairs line the area. On the tables, fresh flowers and favors wrapped in matching colours sit prettily.

Or I sometimes wish it could be an intimate dinner with only close family and friends around us. We would just sit on wooden tables beneath the open sky. Candlelight on the table and lamps hanging from the trees brightening our cozy casual dinner.

But the reality sadly is that the weather here is not exactly conducive for an outdoor event. Whilst we may be having summer temperatures throughout the year, it can get awfully warm. AND HUMID. Who’s going to be feeling mesmerised or hear the soft chimes of wedding bells when perspiration is trickling down one’s back. Who cares for candlelight when it’s contributing to the heat?

So, very commonly in Singapore, wedding dinners are held in the comfort of air-conditioned hotel ballrooms. At best, the short solemnization held just before the dinner could be outdoor-- in the hotel’s little garden or by the poolside.

I seriously considered an outdoor wedding but looking at what I have to work with—long guest list, limited outdoor venues available, food options and of course the weather, I’m going with the hotel ballroom option as well. But I’m still determined to work within the constraints and make my wedding a lovely and unforgettable one.

Are you for outdoor or indoor wedding? Any ideas on how to make an indoor dinner less stuffy? I’ll love to hear from you!

Have a good weekend and I'll see you next week!


  1. Hello. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! :)
    You have a lovely blog! I think if I wanted to bring the outdoors indoors so to speak I would try and use as many plants and flowers as I possibly could, which I think would look amazing.
    Em x

  2. I love outdoor weddings too! But i think outdoors are good for small to middle crowd. Indoors wedding can be just as lovely. Perhaps have more flowers and garden a green house wedding. :D
    Have a lovely merry happy weekend and lots of love to you!

    p/s: i might shop for your wedding items materials this weekend if im feeling much better. :)

  3. These photos are what my dreams are made of! As New Engalnd weather is not always "friendly" I opted for a tented wedding location. It turned out wonderful and I had th best of both worlds.

  4. Outdoor wedding is in! Especially during summer days, it is nice to see such joyful gatherings accompanied by the sun.


  5. I had my ROM celebration outdoors, very near the beach actually, marquee and all, and it was quite lovely! The restaurant by the beach did up the decor beautifully, so all credits go to them. However, the guest list was pretty short for my ROM, only parent and close friends, so it was much easier to organise. I held it in the evening so it wasn't that hot.

  6. Thank you to all of you for responding :). It's great to hear from you and I'm taking in all your suggestions!


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