Friday, May 29, 2009

[Wedding Series 3]- Gown inspiration

To a bride, a HUGE part of the wedding is the gown. Perhaps for some even, the gown IS the wedding. Of course, I too am wandering down this path on the search for the perfect gown. Idealistic as it may sound, I believe there's a gown out there for me. And I'll know that I've found the one once I try it on. It will be one of those "ah huh!" moment. Or to paint it more dream-like, suddenly I will hear the wedding bells chime in my ears, I will be bathed in the golden rays of the sun and the birds will be singing. 

However, to find that perfect gown is no small feat. Obviously, this has to do largely with the fact that mortal me is kept grounded by a budget. It definitely helps to have an idea of what one is looking for. And for me, this comes alot from movies that I've seen (I'm such a movie junkie, ain't I?). I'm sure there are lots of great wedding gowns featured in the films but these are what left an impression on me.

[image from today Fashiona]

Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City movie. I think it's safe to say that more eyes and attention were on what she would be wearing as her wedding gown than on the storyline itself.  To me this is almost the quintessential wedding gown. So elegant and it truly makes a statement. By Vera Wang.

[image from Shiny Style]

The other wedding gown that generated lots of hype in the same movie is the above by Vivienne Westwood. So much character!

[image from, left to right: Bella Naija, Entertainment Weekly]

(above left) I adore Kelly Rutherford's character in Gossip Girl, Lily Van Der Woodsen. So flawed, so paradoxical, so attractive. Sophisticated socialite but always with that biker chick in her threatening to break through. Seemingly superficial but hiding a kind beautiful soul inside. Gorgeous gown that suited Lily to a T-- simple, classic but always with a detail that stands out.

(above right) I still remember clearly the scene in Runaway Bride where Julia Roberts' character says she feels like a bell and swishes sweetly in this gown.

What kind of wedding dress do you dream of? Are you the dramatic kind or does simplicity rules? Full lace? Vintage?


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