Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hands up the Real McCoy - Meiji Chocolate Bars

We all know that the Japanese are fantastic with food replicas. Other than to entice (yes, it works), they also play a very practical function. Foreigners who are not conversant in the Japanese language are thankful for them. Point to a replica that beckons your name and soon after, the real thing is placed in front of you. You won't want to play Charades when you are carrying a hungry stomach.

So, yes I do know how real these replicas are. But I recall that I was still pleasantly surprised when I saw these "Meiji Chocolate bars" when I was in Japan.

"What? You think we haven't seen Meiji Chocolates?" Patience my dear, look on.

Meiji Chocolate Bar Puzzle! Isn't it cool? The packaging is exactly like the real McCoy! And if you are more concerned about the puzzle than being overwhelmed by how cool this is, here's how to play: scramble the pieces and then attempt to re-create the chocolate bar. There are 2,339 ways to solve it. 

To add on to the cool factor, the puzzle comes in white, milk and dark chocolate representing the difficulty level-- easy, beginner and expert.

Another chocolate bar?

These are making me crave chocolates now. Are you feeling the same? But if you do get your hands on the puzzle and solve it, there's every reason to get a real bar to treat yourself!

[images from Strapya World]

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  1. Those pictures are really making me wanting a bar of chocs! I love this brand meiji. :) Hope your having a lovely mid-week! Love to you!


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