Thursday, May 14, 2009

Colour my World

Passing by a shop yesterday after dinner, I was captivated by something in the display window. It was a set of collector's colour pencils. I realised that colour pencils still fascinate me as much today as when I was a young girl. This is despite not having used them for a while. 

Even more than their functionality, I love them for how they look. I recall that getting a bigger set of colour pencils was always in my wish list. The BIGGER, the better. My eyes would then be able to trace the never-ending row of differing shades, moving from warm to cool. I appreciated the subtlety in the shades. There can't be just blue. You got to have sky blue, royal blue, navy blue... Hence, I was anal about putting the colour pencils back in their original positions. Having a pencil in the wrong position would wreck my colour gradient observation exercise!

After having these memories invoked, I decided to remind myself once again how beautiful colour pencils are.

This was and still is my dream set.

I had these double-ended ones and the Staedtler Luna set. 

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  1. I couldn't pinpoint why colour pencils amuse me so much especially when I'm not the arty sort. But you're right, me too was also fascinated by the subtlety in the colour gradient. After a few weeks of owning a box, it's always kind of sadly interesting to see how some colour pencils are shorter than others. A good gauge perhaps of the colours I let in and shut out in life


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