Saturday, April 18, 2009

Top 5 Things I would Do/Pursue

Do you look forward to weekends? I definitely do. It's the time when I can indulge in my hobbies, read, blog, get some exercise, bond with my loved ones etc.-- basically doing things I enjoy. But it's always a challenge fitting them all in into 2 short days. So some things I want to do never get done. I always find that having a day job inhibits me from doing the things I love. Other than draining me physically, it consumes my mind. I find myself thinking and worrying about work long after I've stepped out of the office. It's a sad reality because it means that the majority of my time is spent at work, doing things I love a lot lesser.

I envy and admire individuals who live their dreams and passion, pursuing them even if they are unconventional or contrary to what society perceives as "money-generating careers". Obviously, when embarking on such a path, practical concerns such as finances come into play. Afterall, one needs to eat, pay rent and it doesn't help that shopping is one of my loves. Someone once told me that as long as we are true to ourselves and chase our passion, the money will come. We don't have to worry so much about it that we never attempt to find out what our lives could be like. Imagine the possibilities!

Lately, I've been thinking about what I would do with my life if I left my day job and had time in my hands. So, I came up with my list of Top 5 things I would do/pursue:

1. Take up a visual communication/graphic design course
2. Set up an etsy shop (obviously entailing me doing craft/design work)
3. Freelance writing for magazines
4. Learn Japanese
5. Exercise everyday (jog, yoga)

What about you? What's your Top 5? Try imagining. Trust me, it's liberating.


  1. Such a heartfelt post! Loving it. I guess i found other common things between us other than loving all things japanese. hehe I definitely look forward to weekends. Time where i could spend at my little creative space.

    Many times back before this exposure to the world of creativity, i always take a few steps back when i wonder too far inside my heart on "what i really want to do". My logical mind will always pull me back into "but then there's loans, bills and on and on and on" and it always end up that it isn't sane to go chasing after my dream.

    I figured i have to start somewhere, somehow, sometime. So im taking baby steps and exploring the world of creativity. I always keep what one of my mentor said to me at heart and i would love to share it here with you...she told me :

    "When your heart is really in what you are creating the return won't matter as much ~ you'll just know this is what you are supposed to be doing and the money will come. I had many evolutions of my creations before my work started selling ~ a lot of evolutions that did not sell ~ so don't give up. Be sure to give it some time and keep going, trying new things, fulfilling your creativity. It WILL come together for you :)"

    It's perfectly alright to live your dream for the joy and inspiration that it brings into your life.

    Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  2. Always good to hear from you :). It's encouraging to know that you understand the struggles and probably experienced them too. And thanks for sharing those words from your mentor. Precious words of advice!

  3. Sandy, your blog is so pretty! The color palette is calming and clean, makes one feel comfortable! I really cherish my time spent at home doing the things I feel natural at...drawing, looking through my mags and books, snacking, blogging, making jewelry...there's a lot of stuff I keep my self occupied with! The main thing is that I don't leave the house because that's when I do what I shouldn't be:SHOPPING! Haha. I hope you're enjoying your weekend! See you at the forum :)

  4. Thanks for visiting Merissa! I think we share some loves-- magazines, books, snacking (can't give this up!) and yes, SHOPPING! Haha.

    P/S I've always wondered how Hawaii is like. I imagine it to be like a little sunny paradise :)


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