Monday, April 20, 2009

The Magic Faraway Tree

Check out these treehouses nestled in the rich green woods and beside a calm river. Do they call to mind anything? They certainly do for me! And bring with them a sense of nostalgia too.

[images from Krisatomic via Soon Lee]

I grew up on a staple diet of Enid Blyton book. As soon as I stepped into a bookstore, I would loosen my hand from my mum’s grip and dive for the Enid Blyton book shelves. I would disappear into the fantastical world of The Enchanted WoodsMagic Faraway Tree, wonder why I neither go to a boarding school nor get to enjoy midnight feasts, and I partook in the endless adventures of the Famous Five. These books definitely added much colour and excitement to my childhood.

Aren't these old book cover designs simply lovely? Were you a little Enid Blyton fan too?


  1. Yep im a Enid Blyton fan too! hehe These books are great! I wish i new where all my Enid Blyton books went to...wonder if i still a copy or two laying around the shelves. Hope you have a good weekend and a good monday! Love to you!

  2. the magic faraway tree was, and is, such a beautiful story.
    you've inspired me to get it out again...


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