Monday, March 30, 2009

Old Town Coffee

We were craving for a good old cup of coffee. Not done the Starbucks way but in typical local Singaporean style. It was 11.45pm by the time we arrived at Old Town Coffee. I checked the sign and it indicated that they were opened till 12am. We decided to try our luck anyway. The waitress popped into the kitchen to check out if they were still able to take our orders and returned with a smile. Yippee!

Before long, two cups of steaming hot coffee were before our eyes. Perhaps because they were served in old traditional cups and saucers , the coffee just seemed particularly aromatic. Consistent to what they sell (traditional local beverages and food), the interior was fitted with wooden marble-topped tables and stools as well as ceiling fans. The entire place was furbished to be reminiscent of 1960s Singapore.

Since it was kinda late, we savoured our coffee free from the usual daytime bustle and crowd of this place. Lovely.

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  1. when you return from Japan we will go old town again ok?


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