Thursday, March 26, 2009

Little Purple Book

This is a booklet I created for my company. We are a small but growing company and needed an employee handbook to document our human resource policies. After some discussion, we decided that we wanted to relate the company's beginnings to new members as well. Knowing our roots and passion of the pioneers would help establish a sense of identity. Hence being the radicals that we are, we wanted our handbook to read like a story book. Yours truly was then tasked with seeing the book to fruition.

With the partnership of another colleague, I somehow managed to present the story of our beginnings, our family work culture, brand and human resource matters in the form of a book. Instead of titling it "The Employee Handbook", we gave it an interesting title, aligned with our quest to be the Purple Cow.

The printing was done in-house (thank goodness the printer didn't die on me). I would have bound it differently but we had to manage the cost.


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