Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I have been committing to running at least twice a week. It has always been my desire to do so and reading Holly's second installment of her wonderful Creativity Series gave me more reasons to do so. Usually, I try to squeeze in time after work. It's tough as it entails getting off work promptly and pushing away all other work engagements. Today, I attempted to run in the morning before work (again something I thought of but sleep was always in the way). I got up at 6am and was out by 6.10am.

It felt great. Exhilarating. I witnessed the sun gradually flooding the eastern horizon with its glory. Usually when I run, I would avoid all the bumps on the road. Even with such small things, I opt for the safe route. This obviously applies for the other aspects of my life. I recalled how I once saw a kid deliberately stepping into all the after-shower puddles in his path. I on the other hand was desperately trying to avoid them. But he was having so much fun! As I approached the first bump on the road this morning, I tackled it. Only when we embrace the highs and lows of life will we truly live, right?

Oh, I also enjoyed the after sport adrenalin high. Feels even better when one gets it at the start of the day.


  1. i loved these flats, they are from the 80s ya? this place looked familiar-- is it west coast\clementi or jurong west?

  2. Hi pj,
    Thanks for your little note. I think the flats should be around early 90s. No, they're not from the west. But I guess that just means the flats round here aren't exactly distinguishing :p


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