Wednesday, June 26, 2013

SK-II Cellumination Trial (Part 4)

Hi there, if you've been following my SK-II trial, you'd know that I've completed the required 4 weeks. I was just as eager to find out the effects on my skin by visiting an SK-II counter for their Magic Ring Skin Test (I had done one prior to commencing the trial). 

That's my very bad iPhone shot of the 5 dimensions of our skin and the equipment used for the Magic Ring Skin Test is right there on the left of the image.

Statistically, the results showed that my skin remained more or less the same before and after the 4 weeks. A discussion with the skin consultant followed. She understood that I would naturally have expected results to be better this time round but explained that many factors could have been at play, especially the serious haze condition in Singapore during this period, hence I was subjecting myself to the dry air-conditioning 24/7. Also, when I first did the test, my results were pretty good with an average score in the high 80s. Hence it would probably take a longer period for a significant improvement, as compared to if I had started with a much lower score. She invited me to return for another skin test a few weeks later, if I was not convinced.

Before we ended our chat, my friendly skin consultant highlighted that of the 5 skin dimensions, my primary concern would be spot control. She handed me product samples which would help in improving this area. 

Would I continue using SK-II products? Sure I will! I now also know which dimension of my skin I need to focus on and the appropriate SK-II products that target this area. Thank you SK-II for having me on this trial!


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