Thursday, May 2, 2013

Simple Tutorial: Handmade Booklet

Last weekend, when T was snoozing away in the other room after a busy work week, I decided to do something crafty. I put on some light music and spent an enjoyable alone time with my craft supplies and a messy table. At the end of it, I had little booklet which I put together in a short amount of time! Tadaah!

Some of the basic materials I used were: papers of different colours/textures, MT tapes, printer, scissor, glue. 

Simple instructions:
- I decided on the number of pages I wanted and had the papers cut to size. 
- I folded the papers into two and ran them through my sewing machine.  
(Booklet done! All that's left is the fun part-- decorating it!)
- I had some patterns and images printed, trimmed and pasted on the cover.
- Don't forget to take out your MT stash and have fun with them.

Try it some time! Give the booklet to someone as a little present or fill the pages according to your own needs :)




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