Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Watercolour Class by Dawn

Just before all the lunar new year feasting that began last weekend, I attended a watercolour painting class by Melbourne-based artist, Dawn. I must say, I’m so glad I went! We were in a little class of about 10 and we each picked 2 food packagings to paint. I really liked that because for one, it’s food (who doesn’t love food?). Secondly, it’s something that we are constantly in contact with (I especially enjoy walking down supermarket isles and checking out food packaging, swooning over the beautiful ones).
The last time I really touched watercolour painting was when I was in kindergarten but Dawn was most encouraging. It was great to rekindle that interest! 

Dawn brought many food packagings for us to work with

a little jittery about that first stroke I'm about to paint

work in progress

ta dah!

I also met a few sweet new friends in class who revealed that they know Cookie Cutter *blush*! Thank you for that!

Guess what? I’ve already gone out to get my own watercolour supplies. Now, I just need to find time outside of sewing to play with my new toys :)


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