Friday, January 20, 2012

SK-II Clear for Life Project - Kym Ng Interview

You may remember the SK-II trial I did not too long ago (I’m still happily using the products by the way). Following that, I was invited to do an email interview with local MediaCorp celebrity, Kym Ng, who is involved in SK-II’s Clear for Life Project. I don’t usually do such interviews on the blog but what sparked my interest was that it was about highlighting the water crisis in asia and helping women in need connect to a source of safe and clean drinking water. 
This is something which many of us take for granted and I thought it apt to post this today. Just as many us in Singapore prepare to celebrate the approaching lunar new year (23 Jan) with lots of food and drinks, I hope we are also aware of the plight of those around us and what we can do to help. Here are Kym’s responses to a few questions of mine. And to those who celebrate it, happy dragon year!!


Q: What are some of the charity projects that you have been personally involved in?
Kym: I've always supported charity work, and over the years, I have been involved in performances for “The President’s Star Charity”, “The Cancer Charity Show” and “Ren Ci Charity Show” in a bid to raise funds for the needy. I believe strongly in furthering the work of charitable organizations. I hope that through my humble effort, I am able to help and hopefully, encourage more people to also lend their hand for the less fortunate, regardless of the extent of one's contribution.
Q: We are very fortunate to be blessed with clean drinking water in Singapore. What are your thoughts on the water crisis in Asia and SK-II’s Clear for Life Project, which helps women in need connect to a source of safe and clean drinking water. Is this something that is close to your heart?
Kym: I think this is a very pressing issue in Asia given the recent natural disasters that have hit quite close to home, eg. the earthquakes in Japan. Water is a very basic need and in Singapore, we have such easy access to water with just a simple turn of the tap. In reality, there are many out there who lack access to this basic necessity. The water issue affects women most as they are the ones who bear the bulk of the burden in transporting water.
Q: Could you tell us a little about the items you selected for SK-II’s Live the Life You Love charity auction? Why did you pick them and are they significant in any way?
Kym: I donated a pair of boots for this auction. I hope to inspire its wearer and other women to take that bold step out of their comfort zone and empower them to walk in confidence to help other women in need. I also donated a charm bracelet by Quintessential. I wore it during the filming of “It’s a Great, Great World” - my latest movie -  and the press conference event as well. 
Thanks, Kym! 

[image: SK-II]


  1. Great interview! It's so easy to forget that so many communities out there are still struggling for basic necessities, access to clean water.

  2. Awesome interview!! So glad i came by today. :) Wishing you a lovely merry happy sunday and may this dragon year be fill with laughter, love, peace, health and prosperity for you and your loved ones! Love to you!



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