Wednesday, December 21, 2011

SK-II Skin Transformation Part 2

Do you remember the SK-II trial that I blogged about? Well, it's already the 7th day today! So what are my thoughts?

Initially I was a little concerned about the extra time I had to spend in the bathroom, to apply more things on my face. You see, I was previously a straightforward wash-tone-moisturise girl (hey, that's already 3 steps!). But I found that I got used to it after a while, especially when I knew I was doing good for my skin! We all deserve self-love and giving a little more time to oneself is just that. On the whole, I find my skin tone to be slightly more even as compared to before (yay!). This is based on just 7 days so I'm looking forward to more improvements with continued usage. 

If you still don't know about SK-II and the magic word, Pitera, read more about it here. Also check out their festive sets which come in a cute little red box (I'm a delighted owner of one).

Thanks, SK-II for having me on the trial!

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