Friday, August 19, 2011

In the News! + Public Garden

Today, the air is fresher, the birds are singing more beautifully. Why? It’s because Cookie Cutter’s creations are in the papers! That’s right, Moustache George (my current bestseller) and friends are featured in the local paper, My Paper (我报), today (click to enlarge).

20110819_My Paper

For the full article check out the paper online! So, those of you who own Moustache George, you can be proud. Haha. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support whether it’s reading this blog, buying from my Etsy shop, liking my facebook page, following me on Twitter, or coming to the markets I’m at. I think it’s important to celebrate milestones regardless of big or small. So lovelies, it’s my pleasure to share this joy with you.
Remember, I’ll be at Public Garden tomorrow (yes, Moustache George will be there). So will my friend, Marie, and many others! Come visit :)



  1. Big Congrats! You deserve all the good, your creations are wonderful xx When I get a fulltime paid job I am buying one :)

  2. Dearest sweet sandy, yipeee and hooorayyy!! This is awesome news sweet friend and a HUGE congratz!!! I am so excited for you and im doing the happy dance! Wish i could visit you at that Public sounds really lovely tho. Have a lovely merry happy sunday sweet friend and enjoy your celebration!! Love to you!


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  4. Tx gals!

    Jenna: That is such a sweet thing to say!


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